We will be with you beyond!

Yes! We will not leave your side once you complete the intensive core treatment. Our Aftercare Program will ensure that we walk with you towards a life of fulfillment.

We don’t consider the core program as the end. We consider it as the beginning of a new life. Staying sober is a lifetime commitment and we will provide you with the support you need to do that. We will work together to help you succeed.

In our aftercare program, you will meet our alumni who have faced similar situations as you. You will support each other in different ways and help each other in abstaining and prevent relapsing.

The risk of relapsing is greatest in the first 60 days of following the core treatment. We will work together to ensure that you sustain the recovery. Interactions with the alumni community will have a positive influence on you and will be crucial for success. The Aftercare Program will focus on relapse prevention.

The Aftercare Program involves continuous interaction with your therapist and alumni while you continue your normal daily life. Through a continuous process of discussions about your progress, take feedback, interactions with alumni, support and encouragement, we will together attain victory.