Alcohol and drug intervention programs are critical, yet complicated. A person’s life depends on it. Every individual is unique and requires a unique approach. Most people take a considerable time before recognizing addiction and seeking help regarding the same. This increases the addiction manifold, making the treatment more complicated.

Alcohol and drug addiction affect a patient and everyone around him/her. It can have financial, social and emotional implications. However, seeking treatment from the right professionals can make a massive difference.

Well, there is no ideal time for intervention, so to speak. Most people seek help only after hitting the rock bottom, which is a cardinal mistake.

Wondering why do you need professional help when your loved ones are there?

A professional interventionist will do exactly what your loved ones cannot. You might feel hesitant about sharing your concerns with them. You might not get a non-threatening and non-judgemental atmosphere where you feel comfortable discussing your personal issues that have lead to the addiction.

A professional will lend a patient ear and help you understand yourself better. They will also make you aware of the exact problems and help you understand how you can overcome the same.

Every person is different, so are the results. First and foremost, intervention is not magic. There will not be overnight results as soon as you start the process.

Intervention is a gradual process where you will see improvement as and when you proceed. It can be emotionally overwhelming, yet it will be extremely fulfilling. During an intervention, we will also assess whether you need any additional treatment for better results.

At New Road, we understand that each person is unique. Hence, our treatment will be customized especially for you. In the beginning, a professional counsellor will meet you as well as your loved ones. Everyone will work together to achieve a single goal – your betterment. Each of our counsellors is highly experienced and knowledgeable who care deeply for their patients and put in the best of their efforts for their patients. The counselor will remain with you throughout the process and guide you along the way.

Your loved one’s participation in the intervention process is crucial. We strongly encourage your family and friends to come forward and be a part of the process.

The more an addict continues an abuse, the farther will he/she spirals into the world of depression and reduced self-esteem. Seeking help when one feels he/she cannot stay without a substance is the ideal time.

The sooner the problem is detected, the better are the chances of recovery and the lesser time it will take to come out of addiction. Time is of essence.

Together, we will make a life-changing difference and help you succeed.