People struggling with mental health issues often feel alone and isolated in their suffering. But with our group therapy programs, they can look forward to connecting and celebrating life’s small joys with others.

Our group-based programs offer a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to come together and discuss their issues. It helps to build a sense of connection and understanding amongst the group members, which can be deeply comforting during distress.

Licasa Treatment Center has years of experience in providing effective group programs. Our therapists bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that each session is tailored to meet the group’s needs. We strive to ensure that everyone feels valued and respected as we work together to help everyone heal.

How Do Our Group Therapy Programs Work?

Our group therapy programs are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Therapists focus on various topics, including stress management, relationship dynamics, and self-care. In addition, each session is designed to provide practical tips and strategies that clients can use in their day-to-day lives.

During each session, our therapists will lead discussions and ask questions to promote open communication among the group. It helps to create a sense of trust and connection, which is an integral part of the healing process.

We also offer recreational activities that promote physical well-being, such as yoga and art therapy. These activities help to reduce stress and provide a sense of joy and contentment. When individuals open up about their struggles and find support from others, they can experience a sense of trust and confidence.

People can share their stories, be heard, and feel accepted. It can be an incredibly cathartic experience that can unlock a sense of joy and contentment.

Benefits Of Group Therapies:

A Sense Of Connection And Understanding:

Individuals can make meaningful connections with others who understand their struggles by being in a group. It helps to create a support system that boosts self-esteem and promotes a sense of belonging. Moreover, when people build stronger bonds, it can help to reduce anxiety.

A Chance To Celebrate Life:

Group sessions give everyone a chance to celebrate life’s small victories. This helps to build resilience and the capacity to cope with life’s setbacks. Moreover, the feeling of acceptance and companionship can help to boost mood and alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

A Positive Perspective Towards Life:

Group sessions encourage each one to take ownership of their life and develop a positive outlook. It also helps them to learn more about themselves, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future. Moreover, when they share their stories with others, they can gain insight into their thoughts and feelings.


Group programs provide a platform for healthy self-expression. Individuals can learn to express themselves in a safe and authentic way. This promotes self-awareness and builds the capacity to express their emotions healthily. Our motive is to help people understand their true potential and make a life they can be proud of.

Healthy Transition:

Group programs can also help transition back into life as they emerge from treatment. They can find solace and support in the group, which aids in the recovery process. Moreover, with the proper guidance and support, each person can continue to make progress in their journey toward healing.

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