Licasa Treatment Center is a premier treatment center in Southern California serving adults through the full continuum of out-patient care. Licasa Treatment Centers programs are designed to support the young adult and the whole family throughout their journey to sustainable wellbeing. Our dedicated team of licensed therapists and certified staff provide compassionate care at every stage of treatment. By providing a premier safe haven with a full range of evidenced-based treatments, we have one of the highest rates of success in the country. We specialize in mental health, addiction, and co- occurring disorders with a focus on concierge service delivery. Our expert team develops a customized program for each client and family with the goal of establishing a safe pathway to stability, healthy relationships, and a future one will be proud of. It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to Licasa Treatment Center and we are here for you and your family when you are ready.



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Intensive outpatient programs (commonly known as IOP) is a specialized program where if is is not medically needed, you will not have to enter an inpatient program and your journey can be started in a safe intensive outpatient program.


Partial Hospital Programs (known as a PHP) are a full day intensive treatment program designed to address major concerns in an outpatient therapeutical setting. 


Mental health and alcohol and drug intervention are critical, yet complicated. A person’s life depends on it. Every individual is unique and requires a unique approach.


 We will not leave your side once you complete the intensive treatment program. Our Aftercare Program will ensure that we walk with you towards a life of fulfillment.

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Licasa Treatment Center is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals with over 70 years of combined experience helping people out of pain and into their lives and their relationships. Our mission is to help people who want more out of life, more out of relationships and to support them in every possible way by instilling self-confidence free from addiction, addictive behaviors and unwanted mental health symptoms. Licasa Treatment Center creates a pathway which not only helps people to get over their addiction, but also to continue a life of health and wellness with positive supportive relationships.


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Our team of therapists provide services for individuals eighteen years or older and holds a license for both mental health primary and substance use disorder. This allows us to strengthen the bond and understanding between mental health issues and substance use and truly treat dual-diagnosis patients. We are dedicated to helping clients recover from addiction, trauma and mental health problems. Providing clients with a welcoming, safe environment allows them to heal and become empowered.

Group therapy is a vital component of treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from some and teach others. In the mental health and addiction settings, group therapy is run by trained and licensed professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of re-introducing you to yourself, in a more loving way.

These two terms describe a person who is not only struggling with drugs and or alcohol, but also has mental health or emotional concern, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, etc. Licasa Treatment Center treats men and women with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders with essential psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol treatment services.

Some facilities have treatment protocols that all clients are expected to follow, New Road center customizes or individualizes treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that will affect our treatment decisions include what you are looking for. Your age, lifestyle, medical conditions, mental health diagnosis , religious beliefs, family involvement, etc.

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If you have made the decision to improve the quality of your life,  Congratulations. Very few people have the courage to make this decision and stick with it.
By making the decision to begin or continue your healing journey, you are already halfway through the process. At Licasa Treatment Center, we like to make the beginning as easy as possible. We have knowledgeable and experienced treatment experts who are available to speak to you 24-hours a day. Once you talk to them and feel heard, you can continue your recovery process the same day or within 24 hours. Don’t worry about the payment. We accept most PPO insurance so that money doesn’t become a hindrance in your path to health and wellness.
We can help you explore treatment options, find the right level of care, and design a plan that meets your needs.