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With the growing addiction and mental health illness problems, there is a severe need for awareness regarding a partial hospital program. As the name suggests, PHP combines various outpatient treatment methods. Such programs are more beneficial for those diagnosed with mental illness problems and addiction issues.

Addiction and mental health problems affect everyone from any age group, community, or income level. It doesn’t discriminate against anyone. But, if you haven’t yet faced them yourself, the chances are that you know someone who these problems have victimized. So, before we dive into the benefits of PHP, let’s look at some statistics.

What Are The Latest Statistics?

According to the latest reports, around 21% of US adults (52.9 million) experienced mental illness in 2020. In addition, 16.5% of the youth aged 6 to 17 faced a mental health disorder. Moreover, 6.7% of the adults experienced a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder in 2020. These numbers are alarming and are growing fast. Thus, more people need to know more about the benefits of partial hospitalization programs and how they can help:

What Are Some Benefits Of A Partial Hospital Program?

The Balance Between Treatment & Social Life

PHP allows the patients to live in their homes. They are made to go to treatment centers thrice a day for a few hours to address their addiction and mental health problems. It helps them get back into society without making much effort.

Patients often complain about the lack of time, especially when attending regular outpatient sessions. PHP addresses this problem by providing a complete care package in one place, thus helping the patients to manage both work & treatment schedules easily. Also, working professionals can continue with their jobs thanks to PHP programs that allow evening sessions.

Psychotherapy & Counseling Sessions

These programs include regular counseling sessions to monitor the treatment process and progress. It helps patients get rid of their problems faster, thus leading a healthy life ahead. Also, they are made for sharing their thoughts and experiences with others who have gone through similar issues.

It helps them feel connected and supported quickly by knowing that someone else is going through what they are already dealing with at present times. Moreover, PHP programs are conducted simultaneously every day, making it easier for the patients to stick to their routines without having to worry about anything else.

Effective Coping Skills

Most addicts and people with mental illness problems fail to deal with difficult circumstances if they don’t have proper coping techniques. Thus, these programs help them develop effective ways of doing so. In addition, they are made aware of various tools & resources that can help them manage their life better even when difficult times come their way.

Better Medical Management

Medical conditions associated with addiction and mental health disorders require regular medication. Therapists in these PHP programs work closely with physicians to monitor treatment progress accordingly. It ensures no issues during or after therapy sessions that might affect the overall health condition.

High Success Rates

PHP programs are known to deliver successful outcomes most of the time. It is mainly because these treatments focus on various aspects of recovery, not just one or another. Also, they are highly structured, which helps patients understand what they have to do to lead a healthy life ahead. Moreover, compared with outpatient rehabilitation programs, PHP options are more effective when achieving specific goals quickly.

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